The IBEW 743 Advantage

If you are a business, a developer, a contractor, or a homeowner looking to secure a cost effective, timely, and professional project, you should start with a trusted and proven resource – IBEW Local Union 743 Electricians, YOUR BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS.


IBEW Local 743 Electricians and Contractors provide the most experienced and highly trained professionals to deliver your project on time and on budget. Our electricians complete the equivalent of five years of schooling with 10,000 hours of related on the job training. As our markets continue to emerge with new technologies and the growing green movement with Wind and Solar energy, Local 743 and its contractors have embraced these opportunities and are already taking the lead in these markets with our continuing education for all classifications of Local 743 electricians and apprentices.


IBEW Local 743 offers a diverse line up of expertise in many electrical fields. All too often, we are only recognized for our abilities on large scale commercial and industrial projects. We have a multitude of contractors that utilize our electricians in all facets of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical construction and maintenance, no matter how large or small the project is. More specifically, we are trained in fields such as Voice-Data-Video, security, fire alarm, high voltage, sound systems, HVAC control, energy management, industrial automation, UPS systems, and generators - just to name a few. You can be confident that your project will get the expertise it deserves from start to finish. Manpower capabilities are never an issue as we perform projects requiring only one electrician to projects that have required 200+ electricians successfully!


IBEW Local 743 Electricians and Contractors have been serving southeastern Pennsylvania for over 90 years of excellence. It is our goal to provide the most skilled and productive workforce bar none, while at the same time protecting the rights and benefits of every worker in the electrical industry. We take pride in being our partner contractors’ and customers’ “Right Choice.”

So if you are a non-IBEW-participating contractor, we would value the opportunity to become a valuable part of your business and its success. Or, if you are a potential customer of any type, we would strongly encourage you to utilize IBEW Local Union 743 Electricians and Contractors from your community and ours.