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IBEW Local 743 serving southeast PA

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 743 provides many advantages for project owners, contractors, potential apprentices and more. 

The IBEW Local 743 workforce is highly skilled and highly trained, capable of taking on a multitude of projects. Through training at our state-of-the-art training center and working side by side with journeymen, Local 743 apprentices receive top-tier training. 

For over 100 years, IBEW Local 743 workforce has been held in high regard as they have finished projects on-time and on-budget, meeting all requirements on projects throughout southeast Pennsylvania. 

For those looking for a rewarding career, IBEW Local 743 may be a great match. All apprentice training comes at little to no cost to you, allowing for apprentices to avoid racking up thousands in student debt, as many do when they are pushed towards colleges and universities. The IBEW apprenticeship program is based on an earn while you learn model. Apprentices earn a livable wage as they work for a Local 743 signatory contractor. They learn on-the-job from experienced journeymen during the day while maintaining classroom learning a couple nights each week. 

Through the IBEW Local 743 training center, journeyman can also work towards upgraded certifications such as the OSHA-30 and continued training to ensure that they are the best electrical workers they can be.  

Whether you are looking to use IBEW Local 743 labor on your next project, or you are looking for a career as an electrician, IBEW Local 743 can help you provide the best experience. 

We take pride in being our signatory contractors’ and customers’ “Right Choice.”

If you aren’t an ibew local 743 signatory contractor, we would value the opportunity to become a valuable part of your business and its success.