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To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive electrical industry, we must always strive to be the best electricians within the industry for all we have to sell is our skills.  As the leaders in the electrical industry, we are responsible for being the most professional, most skilled, and most productive electricians. Actions speak louder than words when we are on the jobsite in the view of our customers.  Working in concert with our signatory contractors, we always want to have our customers think of us as “the right choice.” The Code of Excellence was meant to help make sure we exemplify our high quality of workmanship on the jobsite so that it prompts that customer to call on the IBEW again in the future.

IBEW Code of Excellence

What is the Code of Excellence?

A program for the construction industry which promotes:

  • Highest quality of work
  • Highest quantity of work
  • Use of best skills by our members
  • Use of best work practices by all 

Why a Code of Excellence?

  • Elimination of problems on IBEW jobs
  • Improved perception of IBEW by customers 

IBEW Local Union Responsibilities:

  • Set an “excellence” standard of work performed
  • Zero tolerance of job interruptions, work stoppages or other member-initiated jobsite problems 

Employer Responsibilities :

  • A positive working relationship with both business manager and job steward
  • Insure proper job layout and planning
  • Select quality supervision
  • Insure efficient manpower usage
  • Provide a safe workplace
  • Take responsibility for management failures

Problem Resolution :

Goal of program is for both labor and management to provide customer satisfaction 

Implementation :

The goal of the “Code of Excellence” is a job built on time, under budget and built right the first time. 

I.B.E.W. Local Union 743 Responsibilities :

  • Break times are limited to the time allowed by the contract, or agreement(s)
  • Members are adhering to the lunch periods established in the agreement
  • Members shall meet their responsibility to have all tools on the established tool list
  • No use of personal cell phone(s) will be allowed on the project, except for lunch or break periods

No sale of merchandise without the prior approval of the business manager 

Employer Responsibilities:

  • NECA and its signatory employers have a responsibility to manage their jobs effectively, and as such have the following responsibilities under the “Code of Excellence”:
  • To eliminate unsafe work conditions, and insure that proper safety training, equipment, and methods are utilized
  • Monthly LMCC session to share problems between employers, and solutions to job problems


The “Code of Excellence” is an internal IBEW local union program to enhance the performance and reputation of IBEW members and NECA contractors.

The “Code of Excellence” has external linkages with contractors and customers.

Local union and its employing contractor: the local union’s role is to use the code of excellence to enforce member responsibilities to the IBEW.

The member’s role is to use best skills and practices to perform work that is on time and under budget.

The IBEW Advantage:

  • Safety conscious employees help reduce workers compensation exposure
  • Local area skilled “manpower pool”
  • Mobile workforce for larger specialized projects
  • No strike! No lockout! No problems-guaranteed by contract over 90 years of proven performance-”we back up what we build”