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Out of Work List Re-Registration

This form should NOT be used for your initial sign to Book 1 or Book 2. This form should only be used to Re-Sign.


  1. Provide your information on the lines below.
  2. Use one of the following options to re-sign:
    1. Fax this completed form to 610-777-6800.
    2. E-mail the information requested by this form to
    3. Mail this completed form to IBEW Local 743, Out of Work Re-Registrations, 20 Morgan Drive, Reading, PA 19608. Applicants who have registered on the “Out of Work List,” must renew their applications monthly beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th of each month to continue availability for employment. Example: If your Initial Sign-In is any day in the month of April, you must re-sign starting the 10th of May and ending the 16th of May.


  3. Call 610-777-3100. For faxed forms, applicants must call the same day as the form is faxed to confirm it was successfully transmitted to our office. For e-mailed forms, applicants will receive an automated response from the above e-mail address confirming the re-sign. For mailed forms, applicants must call the same day as the form is mailed to notify the office of its mailing and must call again after ample time has passed to confirm it was successfully received.

All Faxed and Mailed Re-Registration forms that are not accompanied by a telephone call the same day will be void.

IBEW 743 Monthly Resign

Disclaimer: If you are having issues seeing the Re-Sign form, please email Rachel Johnson at and she will be able to email this to you. THIS FORM IS NOT TO BE USED FOR YOUR INITIAL SIGN ONTO BOOK 1 or BOOK 2. Please follow the directions on #2 of the Referral Procedures, found at for your initial sign.